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Have control over the look and feel, and receive full statistical data on the performance of your ad. Select from three different ad models.

advertising models offered

Choose from three different sponsored ad billing models that best suite your needs and budget.


cost per click

CPC is a form of investment in which you pay when your ad is clicked. The site hosting your online advertising earns revenues when the visitor clicks the ad.


cost per view

CPM is a form of investment you pay whenever your ad is displayed 1,000 times. With each thousand impressions, you pay the price that was agreed.


cost per days

CPD is a flat rate per day of your ad being displayed, regardless of the number of impressions or clicks, the advertiser pays a rate stipulated per day of exhibition.

Frequently asked questions

Sponsored ads are a type of advertising where a company pays to be associated with a specific site or event. Nowadays, online sponsored ads offer customized marketing solutions for businesses.

Simply click on any of the, “Get Started” buttons on this page to be taken to the ad order form.

We currently offer two payment methods; Paypal and Stripe.

You can run your ads for as long as your budget allows.

You can send any inquiries you have regarding running ads to support@urtecpro.com.

Our clients say

"I liked the fact that I had a good amount of control for where my ads would show. There are other platforms that give little to no control over where your ads can and cannot show."
Hilary BREIL
"This platform is good - google ads I feel I use more to get a little bit more of a diverse traffic flow. I think offering more deals will get more traffic"
"I love the ease of using UrTecPro's sponsored ads platform. I was fairly new when my previous employer brought me into the team and part of my job was to help set up ads."
Quintin AGNEW
"Not too difficult to get start and low maintenance required. It would be nice if you could import keyword campaigns from other platforms for ease of set up"
JUlie Tempest