Remote Online Notarization

Remote online notarization

Our RON professionals are ready to help notarize your documents.

What is RON?

Remote online notarization allows individuals, banks, law firms and other businesses to connect with a notary over the internet. Authorized state commissioned online notaries can now notarize electronic documents for signers located anywhere in the world over a secure audio-video connection. We offer NNA certified, trained and background checked notary signing agents.

Our Services

We offer a nationwide notary database which provide 24hr full-service remote online notarization for those who live in authorized RON states. To know if your state is authorized for RON click here.


Offers a convenient way to sign documents without meeting in-person.


Provides a higher level of security than paper-based notarizations.

Cost Effective

Achieves measurable cost savings in paper utilization and device usage.

Signers Worldwide

Signers can upload their documents and be located anywhere in the entire world.


We provide witnesses on-demand for all of our RON agents if required.

Insured and Bonded

Commissioned, insured & bonded agents. Also bonded for Errors and Omissions.

How Does Remote Online Notary Work?

Whether you’re an escrow office, title company,  lender or individual, our state commissioned RON and NSA professionals work through DocVerify’s secure platform to perform remote online notarizations with a digital stamp that looks exactly like the in-person rubber stamp on your document. We cater to signers all over the world.

Our RON professionals have everything they need, including all of the required hardware. Need a witness? No problem, we’ll provide you with our own witnesses. All that’s needed from you is a device (Laptop or desktop preferred.) with a camera and microphone to perform remote notarizations.

What is a typical remote notary workflow?

  1. A new notary project is created and posted in the projects section of our site. Note: Do NOT attach documents for RON to your project. The notary you hire will provide a secure link to upload your documents.
  2. RON pro’s find the project and submit themselves to be hired.
  3. Once hired RON pro’s are notified and send you their DocVerify document upload link through our chat platform. Note: Documents that have already been signed with a signature and uploaded for RON is NOT acceptable under remote notarial law.
  4. Signers go through ID Verification, and provide ID credential analysis if required. This step may be skipped if signers are personally known to the notary. We provide witnesses if required for notarization.
  5. Notary and signers then get on a web cam, where parts of the notarial act are recorded and saved.
  6. Notary completes the notarial act after signers have also signed. Upon completion an email of the notarized document is sent to the signer(s).
Note: Most of our RON agents (unless stated) are not attorneys licensed to practice law in their commissioned state, and therefore cannot give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice.

Benefits of Remote Online Notarization

Although most business owners are hesitant when change presents itself, there is a huge upside that comes along with this new technology. On the most basic level, it means that mobile notaries don’t have to physically travel to their clients’ homes. Which is great in lieu of what we learned from COVID-19. Now,  more notarizations can take place, from anywhere and 100% online, which leads to more potential work for our RON professionals.

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What Is a RON Service Provider?

Software companies called RON service providers handle all the technology and support our professionals need for online notarizations. DocVerify offers our notaries a secure audio-video platform, advanced identity proofing and credential analysis, and long-term document storage for 10 years.

DocVerify is our Premiere service Provider

Know that our RON professionals are vetted and trusted through the respective state they received their remote notary commission certificate from, as well as bonded for Errors and Omissions. Our RON pro’s use DocVerify as their premiere RON technology platform. DocVerify is one of the most trusted and respected RON platforms in the country.

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