Yes, signup is free to both employers and freelancers.

No. Freelancers will never be charged to bid on projects.

Please check your SPAM folder and that your email address was entered correctly.

Yes. The fee is 25% of the total project cost. The commission fee is automatically held in escrow before payment is release to the freelancer.

Depends on the plan chosen. We offer a free plan which allows a certain number of free project posts. The other two plans require a low cost charge.

Yes, as long as you are of legal age to work (18 years old). If your technical skillset or job category is not present and you would like to add your profile, please contact us and we will update our website for you.

Yes, as long you are able to establish a budget for your project and you provide all the details for the project to be accomplished by a UrTecPro freelancer.

Yes, both freelancer and employer must review each other at the end of a project in order for the freelancer to be paid. Also, a milestones system will be in place, viewable by both freelancer, employer and UrTecPro to track project progress.

At UrTecPro, a project or job opening is virtually the same thing. Basically any type of job opening can be regarded as a type of “project” that is in need of Industry professionals and expert skills. A job opening can be for virtual help (anyone who has a computer and an internet connection) as well as onsite employment. We are always updating our categories and skillsets so if you do not see yours, please let us know and we will get them in within 48 hours.

The speed of business is changing rapidly. With advancing technology, virtual offices and a world of social networking, scoring and reviews, it makes more sense now for companies, to have access to worldwide already vetted technology professionals at their fingertips, in order to quickly connect, work together and find the right mix of professionals at the right budget for each project.

Once you submit yourself to a project, the employer may choose to contact you for more information before your submittal is accepted. These message will appear in your inbox within your profile. After you are hired you can use the built in messaging service to communicate back and forth with the employer.

UrTecPro uses the worldwide stripe system to ensure secure payments through our system. Once hired the employer will use their credit card through stripe to pay for your agreed upon services. This money is then held within escrow until the job is completed. Once the employer confirms the work done and both employer and freelancer complete a project review, the money is then automatically transferred to the freelancer. UrTecPro is responsible for paying transaction fees.

Stripe is a secure international platform powering millions of businesses in over 100 countries to accept online payments. Yes, for security reasons, freelancers and employers will need to setup a stripe account. Its easy and it’s free! Freelancers and employers can setup their stripe accounts through their profile. Go to the stripe website to create your free account or to find more information: www.stripe.com

  1. We do not recommend paying outside the website and can not guarantee that you will receive a payment for your work. We have put the following criteria in place to ensure your experience and payment with UrTecPro is a pleasant and secure one:
  • Freelancers and employers can only use UrTecPro by signing up for an account and having their email verified.
  • Both freelancer and employer are required to sign up for a free authorized stripe account which is recognized worldwide and is a secure payment gateway.
  • A review system has been put in place for both freelancer and employers.
  • All payments go through the stripe secure payment platform.  Customers pay for services and Stripe will hold the money in escrow on behalf of UrTecPro. The payout to a freelancer will be delayed until after the employer accepts the project is completed and updates the project to “finished” and both parties review the project.  This helps ensure that the freelancer delivers to the employer what was agreed upon and the freelancer can trust that the employer will payout the required wages.
  • We’ll also handle disputes that may arise on your behalf.

Absolutely, UrTecPro can assist you in building your freelance business online that’s personally and professionally rewarding. Every freelancer will have their own profile page, which they can turn into a full-fledged business including an introduction video and portfolio of work to highlight yourself as a freelancer and industry expert as well as a messaging system, reviews of your work, invoicing and secure payment systems. We are making enhancements all the time, so if you have any feedback or ideas for improvement to help you grow your business or as an individual, please contact us to prioritize.  When you deliver quality service to your clients, success will follow.