December 15, 2019
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Hello World

September 2, 2015 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
WeWork Seaport
51 Melcher Street
Boston, MA 02210, USA, Boston, Massachusetts, 02210
United States

A ‘Hello, World!’ program traditionally is the first program someone learns on a computer. It’s simple enough that people who have no past experience can understand it easily, especially with the guidance of an instructor.

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We’re introducing you the newest, most exciting startups in Boston and breaking them down so you can easily understand them. Join us for a night of networking, pitches, learning aboutdriz the latest and greatest in Boston’s Startup scene!

About the Companies: 


Windshield Description: Startups are great because everyone can feel like they’re part of something important. Anthropologically-speaking, they behave like tribes. In a tribe, people feel a shared purpose. But what happens when the startup grows up? A larger company can no longer effectively communicate what everyone is doing and why without being deliberate. But whereas in the startup, everyone can speak to everyone else, larger companies are constrained by out-dated 20th century management styles that arbitrarily restrict information and kill cross-departmental collaboration. Windshield fixes this problem by providing a view into the everyone’s high level goals and how they’re connected. People throughout the company, regardless of role or station, can explore, subscribe, communicate, and innovate. With our product, employees will become more engaged with their work and more aligned with each other.

Meta Description: Meta allows you to search for, access, and share any file, no matter what device or cloud platform it’s saved on, from one interface. Meta automatically tags all your documents based on their content so you don’t have to spend time organizing. Not only do these Smart Tags keep you effortlessly organized, they dramatically improve search by allowing you to search for concepts that are not necessarily mentioned verbatim in the document. Instead of endlessly switching between different tabs and windows, you’ll go from thinking about a file to editing it in seconds.

InnovationWomen: Innovation Women is a platform and visibility bureau for entrepreneurial, technical, and innovative women. Innovation Women makes it easy to connect event managers to women who are potential speakers. This platform makes it easy to ensure the speakers at your event are diverse and gender balanced and provides an equal visibility opportunity for women.

Venue @WeWorkBOS

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