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Hello, my name is Raymond Heeneke, I am 35 and live in Eddystone PA.  I have a background in Technical Repair and Construction. I started working with Computers and Networking in Highschool, then was offered a job working in the feild of Fire Protection once completed a summers course at Delaware County Community College.  I worked from 2009 to about 2014 working with Fire Extinguishers, Sprinkler Systems, Ansul Kitchen Surpression, Fire Alarm Systems, and CCTV Cameras.  In 2010 I started doing sidework for a customer dealing with fire protection inspection software where I currently work in a datacenter servicing VMWare Rackmount Servers.  In 2015, I started working for a local repair shop fixing computers and devices, and doing house calls for installation or networking issues.

In the field of Fire Protection my duties where to walk through buildings inspecting or installing fire extinguishers. I have 3 solid years of working only on Fire Sprinkler Systems. We worked on Ansul Kitchenhood Supression Systems, Gas Station Surpression Systems, and Paint Booth Systems.  I’ve helped install parts on the Fire Alarm system and tie them into the Alarm Panel.  Also have serviced CCTV Camera Systems and various Security that has came along the way.

In the field of Computing I started off repairing Windows and macOS.  Then I learned how to patch Cat5 cables and basic routing. From there started working with VMWare in a datacenter, Linux and advanced into routing.  How to install various Server Operating Systems as a Virtual Machine, start their services, and make them accessible to other Servers or the Internet. How to assign DNS names, install Certifications, and properly route. I am responsible for maintaining backups, and deployment to Azure, so I basically work with vCenter and intergration to Microsofts Azure Cloud.  I also provide support to customers and I know how to fix the latest phones and devices.

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